About Us

- Swapnil Patel, Author -

We're an allergy family. Our daughter is severely allergic to multiple foods. The last three years have certainly been challenging, but we've learned a ton, started SLIT treatment and are slowly teaching her more about her allergies. We self-published a children's board book, "Epi, You're My Best Friend" to help educate her and other young children with life-threatening food allergies. It reinforces the importance of bringing Epi with you everywhere you go.

- Nick Cook, Illustrator -

Nick was “that kid” growing up who got in trouble for drawing on the walls — or really anything he could get his hands on. He loves putting pen to paper and bringing the words on a page to life through his illustrations. After receiving his M.A. from Elon University, Nick put his graphic design and illustrating chops to the test as a designer at McKinney, an ad agency based in Durham, NC. He has a strong connection to this story because he has a severe peanut allergy and understands the importance of always having Epi by your side. Nick currently resides in Durham with his wife, Conner, and loves calling the Bull City home. To see more of Nick’s work, visit his website at nickcookdesign.com.