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Our Inspiration

It's hard being an allergy parent. Always being on guard, managing the anxiety, coping with the frustrations, dealing with prick tests and blood draws, making sure our kids feel included, surviving the scares and celebrating the wins. The list goes on.

We get it. Inspired by our personal experience, my wife and I are making helpful stuff for allergy families. To start, we self-published a children's board book to reinforce, at a young age, the importance of bringing Epi with you everywhere you go. We also made door hangers to remind us to always grab Epi on our way out of the house. As we think of other unmet needs, we'll make more helpful stuff.

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All Things Epi
Hanging With Epi

Customer Feedback

“The book has totally changed the way we talk about “Epi” in our house... such a fun way to think about it as a “friend”!”

"Our daughter has multiple food allergies and is very aware that her EpiPen comes with us everywhere. This book reinforces the importance of carrying your EpiPen to children, families, and caregivers. The door hangers and stickers are also the sweetest addition!"

"Oh, it's so fun! I think this is a must-have for young kids new to epipens. I would totally gift this to any of my close friends or family that have kids diagnosed with allergies and are given an Epi-prescription."